Teeny Tiny Toc

Teeny Tiny Toc knew she was a bit different.  She felt there was something important she was supposed to do in the world.  The other tocs seemed to know it too.  The big tic tocs even called her special.  It seemed like she was the toc of the town wherever she went and yet she never understood why.

Teeny Tiny Toc wanted so badly to know what it was she was supposed to do.  She wanted to know what was special about her.

Out into the world she went, teeny and uncertain....

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People Come to Me

People come to me for one reason - money.

They want/need more.

And, there’s one of two things they want me to tell them.

Either - they will make a kazillion dollars doing what they love,


That they can make a kazillion dollars doing something that comes easily to them and they think they can tolerate doing.

In the first case they are terrified that it won’t work and they are hoping for a cosmic guarantee that it will work.

In the second case they are avoiding doing the very...

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Heather Article.png

I know amazing people.  

I do.  I really do know amazing people.

Big name people.  Small name people. In-between name people.  You.

I have been gifted with the ability to see your amazingness. 

I have clear memories of seeing that from when I was under 6 years old.

I would go out to our fence at the same time every day and talk to the "big" people on their way home from school and work.

And I saw the true vast amazingness that each one was/is.

I see that for every one...

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