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I'm RoseAnn...
Business psychic, mission, goals, possibilities and success consultant, artist and writer, dedicated to expanding perceptions, roles, capacities, and abilities both sensory and extra sensory, so you can shed limitations and reach your goals.  See what Business Reading/Profiling might do for you!
I assist conscious minded entrepreneurs to identify your mission, your goals, and show you how to grow into and reach your goals and unlimited being. We'll expand what you think you're capable of and open to more and new ideas.  We combine the practical and the spiritual/energetic, the science and the extraordinary.

I see the loops you become stuck in, what to stop doing, and what to start doing to expand into a higher level of who you are and what you do.  I help you course correct.  I see how you can expand and bring all of you into your greater future.

I help you become clear on where you're going and give you lasting tools to aid you in getting there, so instead of dreaming and wishful thinking, you actually take physical and energetic actions to realize your dreams.  My work is about consciousness, training you to become more aware of finer and finer details and more and more layers of experience.

Wisdom, Skills, and Knowledge    With 45 plus years of business, finance, and creative experience as well as psychic and other extraordinary abilities and a zest for and love of learning all things spiritual, I am a unique combination, and I might just be the right person for you.


Expand into your future.




One of my favorite quotes:  "The greatest sophistication is simplicity." Leonardo DaVinci




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This episode of Rachel Archelaus' Intuitive Art Show we’re talking about how to open your psychic channels and enhance your creativity. We also discuss the fraud of manifesting. We get pretty deep into the conversation of society and how we, as creative beings, can shape it. Lots of high level thinking here. It’s very juicy stuff!


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+RoseAnn Janzen  and I, Carrie Roldan,  connected online over a year ago, but when we finally spoke face to face, I just knew that I had to share what she is up to with you guys, my #businessBFFs !! Coming from a business and finance background, but intuitive her whole life, RoseAnn is now living in the full expression of who she is, and teaching others how to do the same.

The truth is that If we are to fulfill our life's purpose, we must live our life from our true, authentic self! This conversation is nothing short of DELICIOUS!!! 


Guest RoseAnn Janzen  believes we can Choose when we Leave  and will be telling stories and and sharing beliefs around this.

In the serendipitous moment that I contacted RoseAnn regarding this interview, she had just returned from a funeral and was feeling quite wonderful.  This was due to her surprise at the level of happiness and celebration she encountered at this gathering.


How do you make decisions? Guest RoseAnn Janzen talks about getting unstuck from emotionally attached baggage and how to move forward and not fall back into our old habits.

"Nothing you undertake with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence, holding your brother's hand and keeping step to Heaven's song, is difficult to do. But it is hard indeed to wander off, alone and miserable, down a road that leads to nothing and that has no purpose." A Course in Miracles