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I'm RoseAnn Janzen

I help business owners, creatives, and individuals accelerate their inner evolution.

Awaken new levels of clarity and come into alignment with who you are and what you're here to contribute.

I'm a facilitator that helps you become:

  • Self-generated
  • Self-actualized
  • Self-activated

So you can bring an even higher level of service, change, and transformation to the world through your particular core contributions and direction.

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...they saw a marked improvement...


"RoseAnn Janzen appears when you need her. It’s almost like she’s hiding in plain sight and when you’re ready, she becomes visible. I needed her in March, when Covid19 shut down so much of the world, and many aspects of my business with it. Because my business model was based on travel and working in-person with clients, my itinerary and retainers disappeared overnight.

 She guided me through a Goal Process that helped me tap into a deeper power and purpose than I’d been working with before. She held my hand through the pivot and provided extra tools for my overall wellness kit.

 RoseAnn, quiet and unassuming, is also a straight shooter and will tell you point-blank things you may not want to hear but need to know. You’ll thank her later as you watch your situation improve.

 Her process is both thoughtful and surprising and by the end of the ride, you’re where you need to be. RoseAnn’s process closed out old “accounts” that were draining my energy and attention, and helped open new ones where investing my resources energetically is a smart move.

 As someone just said to me yesterday, after they saw a marked improvement, “I’m glad RoseAnn pushed you. She knows what’s up.”  

Cindia Carrere, Money & Energy Stylist at HealYourGrid.com


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The Latest Issue of

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Issue 3 is the Transformation Issue.

Spiritual and practical.

Energy and science.

How and why.

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Have you ever wondered what you can really do?

Well, now you can find out.  I am so passionate about living into our true potential and abilities that I am offering my

New Advanced Spiritual Adventure program (normally 625 usd) for only 59 usd.  

I know that's a crazy low price, but I believe that now is the time for all of us to step into a more powerful version of ourselves if we're going to have a future.

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The Latest Blogs


Operate in Flow

How do I operate in flow?

- I listen and follow Source guidance.

- I talk to people who align with my values.

- I write and say what flows through rather than judge and censor.

- I stay true to what I really want.

- I think less and be more in the knowing.

- I learn to recognize and relax in my energy.

- I focus into the pineal gland in my head.

- I expand my conscious awareness much bigger than myself.

- I allow myself to be one with what I'm working on.

- I release the need to be the expert...

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Teeny Tiny Toc

Teeny Tiny Toc knew she was a bit different.  She felt there was something important she was supposed to do in the world.  The other tocs seemed to know it too.  The big tic tocs even called her special.  It seemed like she was the toc of the town wherever she went and yet she never understood why.

Teeny Tiny Toc wanted so badly to know what it was she was supposed to do.  She wanted to know what was special about her.

Out into the world she went, teeny and uncertain....

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People Come to Me

People come to me for one reason - money.

They want/need more.

And, there’s one of two things they want me to tell them.

Either - they will make a kazillion dollars doing what they love,


That they can make a kazillion dollars doing something that comes easily to them and they think they can tolerate doing.

In the first case they are terrified that it won’t work and they are hoping for a cosmic guarantee that it will work.

In the second case they are avoiding doing the very...

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Learn More About Me...

I'm a dreamer and doer. Business psychic dedicated to helping you reach the very center, the very core, the very Light of You and how it wants to express fully in this world.

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"RoseAnn is a gem in every way. She has many facets: She is equally adept serving as a corporate advisor, an artist, an entrepreneur, and an intuitive. And, she passed a lot of her wisdom and experience on to those of us who were lucky/blessed to attend her last workshop. I'm still enjoying (and daily using!) the tools, poses, and philosophy she shared. A true modern-day Renaissance woman, RoseAnn over delivers, and this workshop was no exception. Do yourself, your creativity, and your business a favor and sign up for RoseAnn's next offering. It will enrich your life in every way, enhance your intuition, and give you crystal clear clarity about your next step, and the next."

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

CEO, Ground One Coaching