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I'm RoseAnn Janzen

I help business owners, creatives, and individuals accelerate their inner evolution.

Awaken new levels of clarity and come into alignment with who you are and what you're here to contribute.


The most profound work I have ever done...

"What you are teaching me and what we are doing is the most profound work I have ever done. I can't find the words because it's just huge, as big as the expanded cosmos. Through this I can feel how infinite I AM and at the same time, just as in your meditation, I can bring it all back in me and in my life here.
I really need to let all this soak in, a "oh this is what it's really all about" kind of feeling, excited and profound at the same time. It's different than anything else. It trumps everything. It's worth everything. I FEEL the oneness."

Isabelle Giroday

CEO of Giroday International

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learn what it means to love yourself enough to live fully

The Live & Love Live-On-Line Challenge

  • Bubble bath, wine, and chocolate don't cut it.
  • Comfort foods seemed like a good idea, but in the end they make it worse.
  • What aches is so deep inside you can't even find it.

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...delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to.

"I invited RoseAnn Janzen to share her intuitive skills with the women’s group I facilitate, and everyone fell in love with her on the spot and invited her to join us long term beyond the presentation. She gave everyone in the group a mini-reading and we all liked it so much, most of us ended up hiring her for individual, full length business readings. In the reading, she created a business profile that included many things such as calibration, core desires, core beliefs, environmental language, DNA language and much more! It was absolutely fascinating, and she told me a particular piece of information would be coming in to help with my business and about a month later, it dropped in! I’m glad I had the head’s up so I was prepared, able to recognize and use it right away. RoseAnn was very generous with her insights, extremely patient, sent me follow up information, and has been a big help along my path. I highly recommend her, as I brought her personally to Portland, introduced her to friends, colleagues, and clients, and have been delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to. She’s gentle yet gets straight to the point, soft spoken and powerful. If you have questions and concerns about your business, need clarity or a wise soul to gut check decisions, reach out to RoseAnn Janzen."

Cindia Carrere

Money & Energy Stylist at Heal Your Grid

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Creative Generation of Mind

Creative generation of mind, thought, power, reflection, consideration, and reason into form.

I first read the above words in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

Much is said about beliefs and how our beliefs can and do limit us.

I think what’s under that is being stuck in a way of thinking.

We get out thinking caught at many levels…

  • The greater human,
  • The country,
  • The part of the country you’re in,
  • Our ethnic culture,
  • The subculture,
  • Groups we’re part of, like academia or...

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Learn More About Me...

I'm a dreamer and doer. Business psychic dedicated to helping you reach the very center, the very core, the very Light of You and how it wants to express fully in this world.

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...crystal clear clarity about your next step, and the next.

"RoseAnn is a gem in every way. She has many facets: She is equally adept serving as a corporate advisor, an artist, an entrepreneur, and an intuitive. And, she passed a lot of her wisdom and experience on to those of us who were lucky/blessed to attend her last workshop. I'm still enjoying (and daily using!) the tools, poses, and philosophy she shared. A true modern-day Renaissance woman, RoseAnn over delivers, and this workshop was no exception. Do yourself, your creativity, and your business a favor and sign up for RoseAnn's next offering. It will enrich your life in every way, enhance your intuition, and give you crystal clear clarity about your next step, and the next."

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

CEO, Ground One Coaching