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I'm RoseAnn

Business psychic, mission, goals, and possibilities consultant, artist, and writer, dedicated to expanding perceptions, roles, capacities, and abilities both sensory and extra sensory, so you can shed limitations and create your life & business your way.  See what a Business Reading/Profiling might do for you!

Start with this short, powerful activation meditation to open your perception of you...

I believe...

We are fully Divine and fully Human.

Life can be natural, simple, beautiful, spacious, and free.

Learning, relationship, and clarity through Source Energy.

Conscious Evolution changes everything.

"I invited RoseAnn Janzen to share her intuitive skills with the women’s group I facilitate, and everyone fell in love with her on the spot and invited her to join us long term beyond the presentation. She gave everyone in the group a mini-reading and we all liked it so much, most of us ended up hiring her for individual, full length business readings. In the reading, she created a business profile that included many things such as calibration, core desires, core beliefs, environmental language, DNA language and much more! It was absolutely fascinating, and she told me a particular piece of information would be coming in to help with my business and about a month later, it dropped in! I’m glad I had the head’s up so I was prepared, able to recognize and use it right away. RoseAnn was very generous with her insights, extremely patient, sent me follow up information, and has been a big help along my path. I highly recommend her, as I brought her personally to Portland, introduced her to friends, colleagues, and clients, and have been delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to. She’s gentle yet gets straight to the point, soft spoken and powerful. If you have questions and concerns about your business, need clarity or a wise soul to gut check decisions, reach out to RoseAnn Janzen."”

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