Reveal Your Life

Expanding Consciousness™

A Game of Rapid Transformation

A fun, exciting way to learn about yourself.


Bring your sense of adventure to the joy of playing to learn about yourself, the journey you're on, and the depth of you.
Improve your life while having tons of fun.
Experience the spiritual and the playful at the same time!
This is a game that's designed to open up your spirituality and sense of self to a new plane. 
It's both light & fun and deep & meaningful at the same time.
This will shift your world in the most amazing way possible, from the depth and vastness of you and the Cosmos.

“I loved the synchronicity, the deep messages, and I mostly loved the feeling of expansiveness while playing. I've never experienced anything like it”

“A fun, relaxing, soulful game that helps guide you through life in a unique way.”

“Masterful, spiritual, insightful.
Insightful, simple, & spiritually channeled. Full of opportunity for self-awareness and growth”

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Set up a Live Game Night

Have fun with friends.

Play the game with your partner and get to know each other at much deeper levels.

Expanding Consciousness - The Game

A game of self exploration to heighten your personal growth and understanding and help you derive greater joy and enrichment from your life.
Play with your spirituality.

This game is going to force you to face your challenges
But then it’s going to give you the exact guidance you need to understand and resolve them.

Yes!  You get the actual game to play for the rest of your life.  It doesn't get old, you keep learning more as you grow.

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"The moment I saw the Expanding Consciousness™ game, I knew that I was holding something very special in my hands by the packaging and the energy it radiated.

I can see Expanding Consciousness™ creating an ever-expanding ripple of change in the world, by helping people have honest and vulnerable conversations about things that matter to them.  When we talk about what is truly important to us and are witnessed, we find our way back to who we truly are as divine beings having a human experience.  I really have deepened every time that I have played this game with different people in my life, and it is interesting how my answers to identical questions changes, or the way I move around the gameboard is different each time.

I feel that Expanding Consciousness™ has a place in all schools, public institutions (hospitals, jails, governments…), and groups of family and friends.  It is refreshing to receive such spiritual practice and insight in a fun way that is accessible to everyone.  I would love to see this as a phone app!
"I truly appreciated the opportunity to be in deep authentic sharing with people in a vulnerable and soulful way that this game inspires!"
I absolutely loved the intuitive message that was formed at the end.  In many ways, it was like my Higher Self was always guiding the game and what it was that I needed to hear at the end!
"May the revolution of Love and Connection that Expanding Consciousness™ inspires travel throughout the world and touch as many lives as possible.  Our world needs this NOW!" 
Olivia Kachman, 
Transformational Guide, Phoenix Alchemy;

Expanding Consciousness Game includes:

  • 24" square game board (quad fold).
  • Box to house all the parts.
  • 8 Persona pieces and 2 dice in a game bag.
  • Notepad with prompts printed on each sheet and  2 pencils.
  • 1 set of Cosmic Gift Cards.
  • 1 set of Transformation Cards
  • Instructions

"This game has the uncanny way of pulling out your stuckness when you're still in complaining mode wondering why things aren't working.  Then it taps you on the head until you get the insight you need to unstick in a flash of light.  It's amazing to watch it happen over and over with everyone who's played."  

- RoseAnn Janzen

$120 (Plus shipping)

24x24" quadfold game board

Box to house all the parts.

8 Persona pieces and 2 dice in a game bag

Notepad with prompts printed on each sheet and  2 pencils.

1 set of Cosmic Gift Cards.

1 set of Transformation Cards


"I have played this game with a number of people who are living their lives without practicing or believing in their intuition or even spiritual awareness and they still enjoyed going a bit deeper with their feelings and emotions and ended up working through some issues while having fun and keeping it light.
I believe it is a great tool whether we are intuitive healing facilitators or cognitive therapists.
There are so many ways to utilize it. You can play it alone, keep it as part of a daily ritual. Play with friends who are not the least bit spiritually awakened and it can be viewed as a way to get closer and talk about aspects of our lives to deepen relationship.  Play with intuitive coaches and healers and learn even more, discuss aspects and dimensions of each others modalities to learn and grow even more."
Loretta Friesen, 


"The whole game was unique.  There is nothing out there that compares.  I loved having what came up for me and then receiving a way to fix and improve them."  P. Katharine Karpa


“Fun self-exploration.” StM
“Good questions and amazing structure.” SM
“Great way to connect on a deeper level to yourself and others.” SyM
“A game that asks questions that provoke thought and engagement.” SyM

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