...they saw a marked improvement...


"RoseAnn Janzen appears when you need her. It’s almost like she’s hiding in plain sight and when you’re ready, she becomes visible. I needed her in March, when Covid19 shut down so much of the world, and many aspects of my business with it. Because my business model was based on travel and working in-person with clients, my itinerary and retainers disappeared overnight.

 She guided me through a Goal Process that helped me tap into a deeper power and purpose than I’d been working with before. She held my hand through the pivot and provided extra tools for my overall wellness kit.

 RoseAnn, quiet and unassuming, is also a straight shooter and will tell you point-blank things you may not want to hear but need to know. You’ll thank her later as you watch your situation improve.

 Her process is both thoughtful and surprising and by the end of the ride, you’re where you need to be. RoseAnn’s process closed out old “accounts” that were draining my energy and attention, and helped open new ones where investing my resources energetically is a smart move.

 As someone just said to me yesterday, after they saw a marked improvement, “I’m glad RoseAnn pushed you. She knows what’s up.”  

Cindia Carrere, HealYourGrid.com

...delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to.

“I invited RoseAnn Janzen to share her intuitive skills with the women’s group I facilitate, and everyone fell in love with her on the spot and invited her to join us long term beyond the presentation. She gave everyone in the group a mini-reading and we all liked it so much, most of us ended up hiring her for individual, full length business readings. In the reading, she created a business profile that included many things such as calibration, core desires, core beliefs, environmental language, DNA language and much more! It was absolutely fascinating, and she told me a particular piece of information would be coming in to help with my business and about a month later, it dropped in! I’m glad I had the head’s up so I was prepared, able to recognize and use it right away. RoseAnn was very generous with her insights, extremely patient, sent me follow up information, and has been a big help along my path. I highly recommend her, as I brought her personally to Portland, introduced her to friends, colleagues, and clients, and have been delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to. She’s gentle yet gets straight to the point, soft spoken and powerful. If you have questions and concerns about your business, need clarity or a wise soul to gut check decisions, reach out to RoseAnn Janzen. ”

Cindia Carrer

Energy Stylist, HealYourGrid.com

She prepared, with us, a good, solid foundation for our business.

“I asked RoseAnn Janzen to help my husband with his business, as I know it is good to receive outside help and a perspective from an expert in the field of business intuition. RoseAnn helped us to move our business in a new direction and positive energy flow.

She prepared, with us, a good, solid foundation for our business. She enhanced and enlarged our perspective and helped us to focus our energy on things that work for the business instead of being too diverse.

My partner and I are now clear about our strength and weaknesses and how to complement each other.
We are lighter and happier business owners because of that. I would recommend RoseAnn to everyone that is ready for the next step to improve your business and your life.”

Silvi and Neil Tran

West Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic

...great crucial financial insights and tools...

“Thank you RoseAnn Janzen for facilitating *The Finance of You course.. RoseAnn you really took your time and went above and beyond offering assistance to each of our personal financial situations. I loved how you blended finance, philosophy, meditation, energy work and your fabulous sense of humor into the equation of content. The course gave me great crucial financial insights and tools I can use to be a wise steward of money, investments and more. All of our class members added such valuable personal insight I really appreciated their presence and my dear RoseAnn I appreciate you!”

Laura Ghedotte

“I had this conversation with Julie about her Business Reading/Profiling...

What did you get from having the Reading/Profiling?
"It was like a big surprise because I wasn’t sure what to expect. You covered so many areas that I would never have thought to be part of a reading, but I was just mesmerized and truly amazed! The detail about my blocks and what to do about them, the description of the positive attributes about me and how to tap into them, how to get past obstacles, what my strengths are and how I process things. It made so much sense and since I’m too close to it I wasn’t able to see these things for myself. I got reassurance about what I’m doing which was one thing I wanted to know and just all the little suggestions for tweaks to help me succeed and the reassurance and encouragement. And you really didn’t know much about me, so this was off the charts amazing and a delightful experience."

How is your life/business different?
"As a face reader, I think I wasn’t convinced that people would get the value of what I was providing and offering without giving it away so they could grasp how it would help them and what it was like. I now have a clearer direction, know what’s required to do so. I am confident in the value of what I’m providing by leaps and bounds, I have more confidence in my pricing as well which is massive! I’m also aware of the qualities that add to the value I offer and in the way I offer it. Being a details person if I don’t know how or have all the information I get stuck and you provided that for me which was just huge! I’m finally making progress and am so excited about it!"

Do you feel more aligned with where you want to go?
"Absolutely, just in a different way than I thought which is fantastic!"

What positive changes have you made as a result of the Reading/Profiling?
"I have a clearer direction, I feel calmer, more confident, and quite excited about it now! I was so surprised and fascinated with the depth that you went into not only for me but for my business. You provided so much detail on so many levels, and with great description which I greatly appreciated. It was a captivating and exciting and delightful experience!"


Did the Reading/Profiling help you understand the vastness of you even if you’re hesitant to step into it?
"It did and with such clarity and depth that I wasn’t aware existed before. I think I was wondering if my business could really work and wasn’t sure what direction to go in with it. You provided definite confirmation but also that I wasn’t going big enough or expressing the value that the energy of my business wanted for me. I was awestruck, stunned and excited at the same time!"

Julie Parker

Your Inner Blueprint - To Book a Strategy Call - bit.ly/sc-sales

...calm, collected and practical guidance...

“The Reveal Your Life Cards are really powerful. I encountered a terrifying situation with a family member recently, who had emergency surgery, and I used the Life Cards under Roseann's intuitive guidance, and the results were nothing short of miraculous. My family member's recovery has been dubbed "a miracle" by her entire medical team. Don't be fooled by the "simplicity" of the Cards either. Sometimes, the simplicity truly gets to the core of what we need.
I'm thrilled I got the Life Cards. And I have to say, having Roseann guide me as to how to use them also made a huge difference. We all need help when we are "going through it"and Roseann provided me with some calm, collected and practical guidance as to which cards I should use. Intuitively, it all felt right, and like I mentioned earlier, the results have been amazing. I highly recommend the Life Cards. ”

Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C

The French Stylist Extraordinaire

  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “I did receive the meditations and have tried them all. They are powerful and different than the meditations I have been doing already, they are more expansive and incredibly peaceful. I will be practicing them often. Thank you for sharing.”

  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “I used RoseAnn Janzen's Life Cards at the retreat I just hosted and they were so fabulous. I picked one each morning and picked more throughout the day if I had an extra question. Yes, I can talk to my higher self but these make it super fun and easy.”


  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “It was nice that the reading was so relaxed it felt like I was talking with a good friend.”

  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “I loved your gentle nature and your soft approach. You gave detailed and insightful feedback. You seemed to immediately hone in on the positive, which I really enjoyed - Great Session.”

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  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “A very upbeat, happy feel to the procedure, making me feel like I can do this.”

  • Reveal Your Life | RoseAnn Janzen

    “The experience I had with RoseAnn Janzen as she intuitively tuned into my business and created a drawing on which to base a FB ad campaign was nothing short of delightful. She quickly drew an image, then provided the words and interpreted their meaning. Not only did I walk away with something to use for an ad, but I received confirmation on an idea that I've been sitting on without having uttered a word. She uses her "Funnel Vision" to help start seeing opportunities everywhere. Whether you are ready for a FB ad or not, this drawing and information is worth the price of admission!
    Thank you RoseAnn.”

    Energy & Money Stylist, HealYourGrid.com