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The Source of Success

Unleash your ability to Create every aspect of your life.

The Source of Success
activating your whole being to create the life you want

Is It Really Possible To
Use Source, your abilities, and information to attain your dreams?

Yes!  And You're About To Discover
Exactly How, Step-By-Step...

Why is it that some people succeed wildly and consistently will others work hard, visualize, affirm, write goals and still move forward at a snails pace? 

Hello Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,

If you've struggled to create the life you want and get those big dreams, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I'm going to share with you exactly how to use Source Energy and Data to attain your dreams, but before I can, there are a few important questions for you to answer...

        >  Have you ever felt like your dreams are going to your peers instead of you?
        >  Is there a part of you that feels like there must be something wrong with you?
        >  Do you ever wish you could find the magic formula?
        >  Do you feel like you work and work but nothing you do works?
How I Discovered The Missing Critical Component

After helping entrepreneurs discover their Divine Self, their mission, and their ideal business, I can confidently tell you that you are not alone.

What you are experiencing is completely normal and natural.  In fact, what I've discovered by working with entrepreneurs over the past 9 years is that there is a Secret Sauce past visualization, affirmations, goal setting, and intentions, and if you don't know it, you have a very difficult, frustrating time trying to manifest your dreams.

I call this secret the New Old Way because it has been known for thousands of years but was heavily guarded and then the mere hint of it was even mocked, or worse, in western culture.  But, it's not woo woo.  You don't even have to utilize positive thinking!  And, it's effect can be felt in the first few days of using it.

It's so important to success that the top heart-centered entrepreneurs in the world hire people who know this to work with them.  You know the ones, they're those big name entrepreneurs you admire.

So if you want your heart-centered business to go big, you're going to want to know this.  This is even going to effect your heart-centered life in a big way.  Synchronicity, flow, focus, greater awareness, and the list goes on. 

If you want to build your dream life better and easier than you imagine, I have a special invitation for you

I'm so committed to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs build success and reach for their dreams that I've created a program specifically designed to show you how to use Source Energy & Data to attain your dreams.
The Source of Success
This program is specifically design to activate your innate abilities to generate the success you want so that you can have your dream life.

You're going to walk away from this powerful interactive program with the rare ability to direct energy.

This program consists of 5 recorded modules and 5 game changing recorded calls.

Each module focuses on helping you to activate and fine tune your sensory and corresponding extra-sensory abilities.
Each live session focuses on the game changing work and why it works, with time for your specific questions and problems.

In these powerful modules you'll discover...

Month 1:  Vision

  • Open your Physical Vision to see your world in technicolor and opportunities all around you..
  • Open your Psychic Vision to see the energy and much more.

Plus - The Game Changer session that goes even further into wants and desires.

Month 2:  Voice

  • Unleash your hearing so you can hear the subtleties of what people are saying and not saying, and yes, you can hear energy.
  • Unleash your spiritual ability to speak so you can clearly tell the world how you can help.
  • Unleash your ability to know Truth so you no longer depend on others to tell you the best decisions for you and your business.

Plus - The Game Changer session that goes even further into goals and setting goals.

Month 3:  Feeling

  • Learn how to use feelings and emotions to support and guide your journey.
  • Learn to be sensitive to your own body and the infinite amount of information it's giving you.

Plus - The Game Changer session that goes even further into journals and quantum physics.

Month 4:  Movement & Energy

  • Experience your power and the power of Source Energy.
  • Start experiencing changes in your life. 

Plus - The Game Changer session that goes even further into the reasons behind movement and how activation occurs.

Adventure Month 5:  Activate Your ExtraOrdinary Potential

  • Take a deep dive into who you are and what you really want.
  • Develop new mind opening perspectives.
  • Align yourself to receive and direct Source Energy and Data.

Plus - The Game Changer session that goes even further into bringing it all together to move you toward success!

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$1,085.95 USD

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Get started for only $49.95 for the first month

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If, after the first month of doing the lessons and exercises, you think this isn't for you...I will give you a full refund.

Why Now...
Like I said before, this program is extremely powerful.  Even more so right now because, for the first time ever (and possibly for the last time), I've added 5 live sessions so you get my direct personal help, guidance, and game changing directions.  This is a rare opportunity that doesn't come around often and may never again.

This program is NOT for...
  • you if you're a slash and dash entrepreneur.
  • you if you're an Entrepreneur who wants to work hard for little results.
  • you if you want your dream life to just be a dream.
  • you if you don't want to help anyone through your business.
  • you if you don't want a better life.

This program is for you...
If you want to realize your dreams.
If you're ready to upgrade your life and business.
If you're ready to tap into and explode your abilities.
If you're ready for better and easier.
If you want to do what actually makes change rather than busy work and hoping.

If you're really serious about building a successful business and dream life, and you don't want to look back in 6 month - 1 year and think "I wish I had taken a chance 6 months ago when I almost signed up for The Source of Success program." the time is now.  What would you think about if you hadn't made the change?

I want for you what you want for you.  If creating success and your dream, I encourage you to join me inside The source of Success program.  We'll go through the steps together.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and helping you along this beautiful, miraculous journey.

Many Blessings,

  • “RoseAnn Janzen is a gem in every way. She has many facets: She is equally adept serving as a corporate advisor, an artist, an entrepreneur, and an intuitive. And she passed a lot of her wisdom and experience on to those of us who were lucky/blessed to attend her last workshop. I'm still enjoying (and daily using!) the tools, poses, and philosophy she shared. A true modern-day Renaissance woman, RoseAnn over delivers, and this workshop was no exception. Do yourself, your creativity, and your business a favor and sign up for RoseAnn's next offering. It will enrich your life in every way, enhance your intuition, and give you crystal clear clarity about your next step, and the next.”

  • “I LOVED this program. When I signed up I was excited about going on a spiritual adventure. I didn't know that it would expand my consciousness and spiritual awareness in such a profound way. RoseAnn has an amazing way of keeping the concepts and shifts held in very practical and doable steps. Yet, with all the spiritual studies I have done, I have never done anything quite like it. It is fresh, empowering and expanding. I highly recommend it!”

  • “Being the Observer is really cool...I see the blocks and blast through them, I see the business model of the future and I know exactly what to do with my biz, I see other people's emotions and hand it back to them if necessary. Thank you RoseAnn. I have felt short of words to give a testimonial for your program because what is happening to me is so much bigger than I can express.”

Carrie Roldan, host of The Carrie Roldan Show,

Advanced Spiritual Adventure was the name of the beta run of this program.

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Get started

$1,085.95 USD

plus tax

Get started for only $49.95 for the first month

then 4 monthly payments of $259

  • “Thank you for this wonderful course RoseAnn. I am in awe of how much I have learned from you. I love, love, this course. It is totally amazing . You certainly gave very practical and easy directions AND made it fun!! It is full of so many different ways to learn about yourself and others in a very safe way. I enjoyed the energy of the others in the group and would totally be there if you should decide to make this into a retreat.”

  • “I am so honored to have had the chance to take the Advanced Spiritual Adventure (The Source of Success). This course taught me so much about what is truly available to us at any given moment. It also taught me the different ways I can explore this Universe and have so much fun doing it too. There were so many practical tools and I found that there so much more richness that I can bring into my everyday life to keep things interesting.
    Experiencing this course with other souls who want more and know there is more to life, brought so much more for me and allowed me to see that anything is truly possible. If you want to learn more than you ever thought possible than this course is for you. Enjoy the ride and the journey and you will discover more of yourself in this course. Roseann is a beautiful soul that easily gets everyone into a higher state of being and she makes everything so easy and fun! I loved everything about this course!”


It's my pleasure to be your guide

I have always been 'different' (spiritually sensitive) and have used my extra sensory perceptions my whole life and know I'm finally using my innate abilities to help others develop theirs. 

My life has been a wondrous journey of exploring the spiritual and connecting what I learn to the Earthly ordinary of my "normal" working careers.  This has let me relax, reconnect with the deep joy within me, experience ease and synchronicity in my business, release the past, and live in the present where I am free to be me full out, do what I want, and have the experiences I choose.


The Catch? - I'll be activating your 7th Dimension Chakras so this is going to rock your world and bring on internal and mind shift changes.  That can be uncomfortable as you process the changes.  If you're not ready for expanding your understanding and abilities, coming up against your resistances and pushing yourself further, you probably shouldn't join in.

Disclaimer:  The information in this program is being provided to you for educational, entertainment, and informational purposes only.  It is being provided to you to educate you about spirituality and business and as a self-help tool for your own use.  It is not medical, mental health, religious, legal, or financial advice.  This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  For my full disclaimer, please go to Terms of Use.

Start Month 1 NOW!

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$1,085.95 USD

plus tax

Get started for only $49.95 for the first month

then 4 monthly payments of $259