I believe it takes a holistic approach to achieve fulfilling success.
These are entrepreneurs, who I have worked with personally, that may be just the right help you need.
Some of these links are affiliate links and some are not.  No one is listed here just so I can promote them for money. 
All the entrepreneurs and businesses listed here have made my life and business better in some way.

Legal Templates for Online Entrepreneurs

Health and Wellness

Bulletproof - Dave Asprey
Supplements - Quality based on cutting edge research


This is a great place to start to know your body and what exercises work best and fastest for you, it's also a place to start for nutrition.  Then move on to working with a functional nutritionist and/or functional medicine doctor to regain your optimal health and fine tune your diet.
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Haute Coton - Nimi Kelloway
Organic Bedding

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Jenn Mayers
Jenn is an extraordinary copywriter and coach.

Game Creation for Entrepreneurs

Coaches Association for Canadian Coaches


As a Canadian Coach or looking for a Canadian Coach