Live & Love Challenge


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  $29, 4 days, 30 min. a day to learn what it means to love yourself enough to live fully



  1. Bubble bath, wine, and chocolate don't cut it.
  2. Comfort foods seemed like a good idea, but in the end they make it worse.
  3. What aches is so deep inside you can't even find it.


  • Pretty much all of us!

We'll be going more deeply into the 2nd Chakra in unexpected way and ideas you may not have heard of before.



June 16, 17, 18, 19

All you need is 30 min. each day for 4 days. 

Everything will be recorded so you choose the time of day, and you can also join in live.


How & Where

  • Where - In the private Facebook group.  You will receive the link when you register.
  • 4 videos - one each day with the challenge/opportunity for you to transform your daily life.
  •  Facebook Lives with RoseAnn - Ask questions, get clarity, share your wins.
  • Community - When it comes to life and business, we have similar challenges.  Learn by sharing and seeing how creative and strong we are as a group with the shared intention to make life easeful, enjoyable, purposeful, and fulfilling.
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Plus... You'll get

A special guided visualization each day to help you connect deeply with who you are and how incredible you really are.

Hi!  I'm RoseAnn Janzen, CEO of Reveal Your Life Consulting Ltd., editor in chief and publisher of the Conscious Evolution Journal, and creator of consciousness expanding games, cards, and programs.

My life mission is centered around learning and sharing everything I can about how life really works.  That means the body, mind, and emotions.  That means the spirituality, the energetics, the quantum, and the practical. 

I read, I learn from the masters, I use what I learn.  I have the ability to make mental connections between seemingly disparate things to see how everything ties together.  I can also refine the complex down to the simplicity that underlies it.  One of my favorite quotes is by Leonardo DaVinci "The greatest sophistication is simplicity."

My greatest joy is to share what I have learned and experienced so that you too can experience profound change.

Come learn, heal, grow, and explore with me.



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