Life Cards       

                                    For the Spiritual Enthusiast just starting out and the Advanced Seeker

                                           to utilize High Vibration techniques, guidance, and reminders






Intuitive guidance and truth through Spirit to wholeness and peace by learning with the Life Cards.

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Reveal Your Life Cards

Well over 100 foundational techniques and tips to help you get a grip on your life and achieve more peace, calmness, clarity, to put you in control of your inner world so that you can make the changes you desire in your outer world.
Helping you keep moving ever higher on your spiritual journey. 
Keep learning, growing, and deepening your connection to Divine and strengthening your understanding.

Physical version for 99 USD Digital .PDF version for 39 usd

Used the Life Cards at the retreat...

"I used RoseAnn Janzen's Life Cards at the retreat I just hosted and they were so fabulous. I picked one each morning and picked more throughout the day if I had an extra question. Yes, I can talk to my higher self but these make it super fun and easy."

- Rachel Archelaus, author, artist, coach, and founder of the Intuitive Art Academy™

Here's What They Are & the Options:

The Life Cards designed to give you a solid foundation of practical spiritual awareness to explore from.

  • These cards offer assistance and advice from a high level of consciousness to help solve your problems.
  • They're like a tool kit that empowers you to get past whatever challenge you're having.  They're not going to fix you.  They give you more ways to navigate your inner and outer worlds.
  • They are simple, easy foundational practical spiritual techniques to clear blocks, bring in love, transform energy.
  • They help with fears you might have around your innate abilities.
  • These techniques are the basic foundation for embracing and moving into your awareness of your Divine Self and having that higher state guide you.
  • Get a grip on your life with techniques that can give you more peace, calmness, clarity, and put you in control of your inner world so that you can make the changes you desire in your outer world.
  • These are the easy foundational techniques that help you to, simply and easily,  bring more peace, love, and joy into your life.
  • They help you get out of fear and set the stage for you to move yourself into ever higher levels of awareness.
  • You start changing what's going on in your head in a spiritual (not religious) manner, which trickles down to change your life, so you are working "top down" spiritual to physical..
  • These techniques are short and simple and require no background knowledge. 

Exactly what I needed..

"Love your Life Cards RoseAnn - I received exactly what I needed to focus on, contemplate and REALLY hear. Thank you for your brilliance and inspired guidance." 

- Laura Ghedotte

The Life Cards are provided without any warranties or guarantees.  We make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  These products are to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  For our full Disclaimer, please go to 

The Cards are Powerful

"The Reveal Your Life Cards are really powerful. I encountered a terrifying situation with a family member recently, who had emergency surgery,  and I used the Life Cards under Roseann's intuitive guidance, and the results were nothing short of miraculous. My family member's recovery has been dubbed "a miracle" by her entire medical team.   Don't be fooled by the "simplicity" of the Cards either. Sometimes, the simplicity truly gets to the core of what we need. 
I'm thrilled I got the Life Cards. And I have to say, having Roseann guide me as to how to use them also made a huge difference. We all need help when we are "going through it" and Roseann provided me with some calm, collected and practical guidance as to which cards I should use. Intuitively, it all felt right, and like I mentioned earlier, the results have been amazing. I highly recommend the Life Cards."

Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C
The French Stylist Extraordinaire


How big are they? 

The Cards are 4 inches x 6 inches.

What's on the reverse side? 

There are 4 unique super high vibration images on the reverse side.

How do I use the Cards? 

  • Learn 1 card per day and integrate it into your life.
  • Use like oracle cards to receive answers on questions you have about love, relationships, what your business needs today, what you need today, or any of a wide variety of questions you think up.

Why should I use the Cards?

  • To help you understand your spiritual nature more fully,
  • To Help you navigate out of your many fears.
  • To Empower you to take full charge of your spiritual growth.
  • To help you realize your expanded innate abilities.
  • To Help you realize just how powerful you really are.
  • To help you navigate life and business in a more intuitive way.

How often do I use them? 

You can use them as often as you feel drawn to using them.  I use mine daily in the morning to see what I and my business need for the day, and then throughout the day if I am struggling with a question or situation or mindset.  Big TIP:  Use them to get out of a Mindset Funk.

What happens if I stop using them for a while? 

No worries, this is one of the really amazing things about the Life Cards;  they have such a high vibration that they are always working for you, even from your desk drawer or bedside table!  I recommend keeping the physical cards in your home or work space and putting the digital version on your smart phone, tablet, and computer. 

Making major decisions can have far reaching effects and we advise you to seek qualified professional help.  Please see the disclaimer below.




Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the Life Cards.  Each individual's outcomes depend on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.  The Life Cards are for your amusement and do not in any way constitute medical, health, financial, business, or personal advice.  What you do or do not do based on the Cards is your own responsibility.  Before making any major decisions it is advised that you seek qualified professional advice.