Thrive Goals


Identify the Goals that Light up your Soul






Live Online

2 full afternoons

Find the goals and possibilities that light up your soul.

  • Would you like to play full out and really reach for your most wondrous dreams and goals?
  • Would you like to be excited about what you're doing and where you're going?
  • Would you like to let go of those thoughts that hold you back and keep you small?

In this Goals Retreat, I take you through a super in-depth intensive process. You will be steeped in Source Energy, healing, and shifting, in the field of possibilities opened for you.  You will leave with goals that come from the very core of you and light up your soul. Plus, the benefits of sharing your journey, the excitement, and the learning with a select few like minded souls in a beautiful online space just for us.  I will be there to support you for the entire time.

This is two afternoons where you're digging deep, but it feels easy.  You'll get the whole process done in our time together and goals for all areas of your life. 

These are not your normal, ordinary goals.  This is for entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to go bigger and make an impact in the world.

Are you ready to blow the lid off your potential?

You walk away with:

  • A bigger than you can imagine goal that lights you up and fuels you.  You think it's a goal but it's actually the very spark of your being.
  • These are goals unlike anything you've done before.  These are the goals/anchors that come from the very depths of you and the core of who you are, even if they were stomped out and you were told they are unattainable, too big, or silly.  You'll find out that when you discover your very essence, your dreams for yourself and the world have been there fueling you all along, waiting to burst forth.
  • 1-3 Massively Transformational Guide Posts that re-spark and fan that fire in you.
  • Experience and embody your Divine Self, discover your Sourciness.
  • Light filled guidance in all key areas of your life and business.
  • Understand yourself at a much deeper level.

...more resilient, more energetic and living truly in a place of joy and flow...


“The weekend retreat and business planning that I experienced with RoseAnn is still revealing even more results and benefits than I ever could have imagined aspiring to!

2 weeks later, I am seeing and releasing even more beliefs and blocks that were keeping me small. While I continue to allow myself the time and energy to integrate all of this, I am finding it’s so much easier to take the actions necessary to create clear objectives. 

I am trusting myself, with all the ethereal guidance around me, more than I ever have in my entire life.  I am even more resilient, more energetic and living truly in a place of joy and flow than I ever could’ve imagined. I look forward to hearing other success stories through my connections with RoseAnn and her Conscience Evolution programs. “

Loretta Friesen

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Small Groups

Individual attention & unhurried pace.

Healthy Food

Variety of dining experiences.


Time to play consciousness expanding games.

Massive Big Goals made doable.

You'll receive the full Business Reading/Profiling as part of this process.  If you have had a Reading/Profiling in the 3 months prior to this then your price will be adjusted to reflect that.

  1. Arrive at your real wants.
  2. Full Reading/Profiling (see Business Reading/Profiling) will be prepared for you before the event.
  3. Defining you and the world and where the intersections are that will capture your commitment, light you up beyond words, and fuel your life.
  4. Set up all your goals.
  5. Action steps.
  6. And, a couple of great surprises!

"It was a powerful and beautiful experience of unlocking the core of my inner personal goals and business aspirations.  The Goals Retreat took me through the steps of opening up my heart and unravelling my highest purpose.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this session with RoseAnn and launch myself into this new exciting chapter in my life."


997 usd

Yes, I'm ready !
Me in Circle

Hi, I'm RoseAnn Janzen,

I'm so grateful you're here!  Wanting to get clarity and direction and make a difference in the world means you have valuable work to bring to the world.  It would be an honor to be a catalyst to help you pinpoint and fine tune what that is.  As heart based entrepreneurs, I know that's one of the hardest things we face and we really can't go anywhere unless we have that goal and direction that IS SO US and lights us up from the inside so bright that our eyes sparkle when we even think about it.

As a business psychic, Goals & Possibilities coach and consultant, and creator of conscious evolution products I bring all my 45+ years of business, finance, spiritual knowledge, skills, and talents to help you .

 Helping you identify and reach your greatest possibilities!

Are you curious if this retreat is right for you?


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