Reveal Your Life


No direction at all?

Not sure where to go next?

Too many options, which to take?


Laser Focused Clarity

In this laser focused session we will hone in on what direction, or directions, for you to go and your action steps to take right now, both practical and energetic. 

Don't waste any more time wondering what to do and where to go.

This is a 1/2 hour of super charged, high energy, to the point, get you into your light, and get you going session.  You'll also have a spontaneous check in. 

This is for entrepreneurs who are serious about being lit up by their direction so much that they love taking action and reaching for that joy and fulfillment that comes from having clarity and enthusiasm for what you do.

And, you're not limited to one session, you can have as many session as you want to keep you moving forward and winning in your life.

Etienne had one session, took my suggestions and energetic practice and ran with it.  This is what he did in just 2 weeks:

"Been dreaming everyday. Got offered opportunities and said yes. Manifested 2 amazing project with really amazing people. Manifested a 10 story hotel design and I'm working on a proposal. Joined with another professional in the marketing and branding field and invited him to join with me in 2 of the projects, already got one (he's giving me a 25% of profit from all projects I bring him in). It's been a good synergy between us and he is also really helping me. Just arriving from Vancouver to visit the company I got the Alberta representation of very innovative and versatile surface product. I really bond with my sales supervisor. I'm grateful to have met him. It's been just magical. But I do my homework everyday. Thank you so much to check in. Let's have another session soon."

$275.00 USD

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Hi, I'm RoseAnn Janzen, Mission, Goals, Possibilities, and Success coach and consultant, business psychic, international best selling author, and artist.  I bring all my 45+ years of business, finance, spiritual knowledge, skills, and talents to help you reach your goals

 Helping you identify and reach your greatest possibilities!