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          Issue 2

Discipline - What Your 2nd Chakra Wants You to Know

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 Watch this video with Sarah McCrum, renowned author of the book Love Money, Money Loves You. 

Sarah has a deep and meaningful conversation about discipline, and how its good use can transform your life without it being a hardship, with Conscious Evolution Journal Editor at Large, Isabelle Giroday. Sarah has a Cambridge University education and 10 years in BBC Radio, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters, a lot of common sense, diverse life experiences and a passion for inspiring leaders.  Her coaching is all about Expanding Consciousness!



 A New Article by Cindia Carrere,

the Money and Energy Stylist at HealYourGrid.com


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Meditations to Actions Workshop


  Meditations to Actions Part 1


Meditations to Actions Part 2


Read about The Schumann Resonance Earth Frequencies here.


Here is the link to the music with the Cords of David that I mention in the audio recording: Michael Tyrrell


 Use these meditation to receive and inform your actions towards your goals. 




Live & Love Challenge

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Listen to each of the above meditations as guided in the challenge.


Read the Conscious Products review on page 17 then watch this video of creator, Lorree Appleby, demonstrating the game, and play along.

Soul Adventure: Journey to the REAL me!


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