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Energy & Practicality

You and your business are part of the expanding of creative consciousness itself.

Do you...

  • Wonder if you can be more than you think you are right now?
  • Wonder what your real value to the world is?
  • Wonder if your business is going in the right direction?
  • Want clarity of purpose?
  • Want a unique roadmap customized just for you?
  • Want to discover your real greatness, feel new excitement, access your healing, feel calmer and empowered?

If you light up when you think of the possibility of how much impact and transformation you'd like to make in the world but you feel you'd like kind, powerful, direct guidance and extremely personalized information then read on...


Well, you’re already really good at what you do, so now how about landing that impact in the world in a bigger, concrete, physical way.  See how far you can go.

We tend to think it's our job to decide what our business is and where and how big it can/should go.
BUT, your business is a separate entity, with its own energy, wants, needs, and desires.

You need to have a conversation with your business.

You need to know where you differ before you can see what has to happen for you both to have aligned goals and move in coherency toward those goals, satisfying and fulfilling you and your business and serving your clients in the highest possible way.

Business Profiling will show what your business's wants, needs, desires, and purpose are (+more) and what yours are (Plus even more about you).  It will show you where you're on track, where you differ, and how to align to become coherent and cohesive.

The result is

  • You feel calmer, more confident.
  • You access your internal healing through greater alignment with who you really are.
  • Greater clarity in you and everyone you work with, everyone who works in or for your business, your contacts, your marketing, and even your clients.  Whew!
  • i.e.  Coherency all the way through!  No more guessing on anyone's part. 

Are you ready to take things to the next level?  Are you ready to know how far you can go?

Me in Circle

Hi, I'm RoseAnn Janzen,

I'm so grateful you're here!  Wanting to dive deeper into who and what you are, your mission, and to make a difference in the world means you have valuable work to bring to the world.  It would be an honor to be a catalyst to help you pinpoint what that is.  As heart based entrepreneurs, I know that's one of the hardest things we face and we really can't go anywhere unless we know where we want to go.

As a business psychic, Goals & Possibilities coach and consultant, and creator of conscious evolution products I bring all my 45+ years of business, finance, spiritual knowledge, skills, and talents to help you .

My job is to read the Energy of your Business and align it with the divine Transformation that wants to come through.

You and your business need to mesh together.  That starts at the quantum level.  I bring all parts together, clear YOU and them, and align them to their highest level so you and your business become a coherent force of transformation in the world.

As part of your Business Profiling you also receive the full Crystal Clarity Reading.  We dive deep into who you are, your strengths, what weakens you, your challenges, your secret power, your energies, and so much more.  You'll know your purpose, where you are, where your headed, and have a greater understanding of YOU.

  • We look at how your Divine Self wants to express.
  • We find your Challenges and best way to move forward.
  • We find your secret powers and your kryptonite.
  • We get insights and guidance to push you forward into your amazing future.
  • We check your Soul Portrait to Deepen and clarify your understanding of you and the gifts and energies you brought into the world
  • We look at your Aura to see what's coming in for you and what's leaving so you can understand what transition is happening and how to embrace it in your business.
  • And we do a Business Structure Intuitive Drawing to get clear on how your business structure supports your big dream so you're not wasting time and money and you know what to keep, what to change, and what to let go of.

Does this sound like a mind relief to you? 
If this sounds like exactly what you need, click below.


Imagine knowing exactly what your business wants to be, no more guessing.

Imagine knowing your Divine Self and what you came here to do.

Imagine knowing your personal way forward.

Imagine learning practical spiritual techniques (backed by science) that you can use yourself to access unlimited guidance and clear your own energy and tune in to your own eternal guidance to create massive transformation.

...have been delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to.

"I invited RoseAnn Janzen to share her intuitive skills with the women’s group I facilitate, and everyone fell in love with her on the spot and invited her to join us long term beyond the presentation. She gave everyone in the group a mini-reading and we all liked it so much, most of us ended up hiring her for individual, full length business readings. In the reading, she created a business profile that included many things such as calibration, core desires, core beliefs, environmental language, DNA language and much more! It was absolutely fascinating, and she told me a particular piece of information would be coming in to help with my business and about a month later, it dropped in! I’m glad I had the head’s up so I was prepared, able to recognize and use it right away. RoseAnn was very generous with her insights, extremely patient, sent me follow up information, and has been a big help along my path. I highly recommend her, as I brought her personally to Portland, introduced her to friends, colleagues, and clients, and have been delighted with the results, not only for me, but for those I referred her to. She’s gentle yet gets straight to the point, soft spoken and powerful. If you have questions and concerns about your business, need clarity or a wise soul to gut check decisions, reach out to RoseAnn Janzen."

Cindia Carrere, Energy Stylist,

Business Profiling will show you:

  1. What your business wants.
  2. The transformation that wants to come through it.
  3. How big it wants to become.
  4. What it wants from you.
  5. What it needs in order to get there.
  6. Where you and your business are out of sync.
  7. and more...

Crystal Clarity Reading will show you:

  1. Your Divine Self.
  2. Your purpose.
  3. Your challenges and strengths.
  4. Your energies.
  5. What's coming in for you and what's leaving.
  6. Your personal direction and unique steps to move forward.
  7. and more...

It's understanding unlike anything you've experienced before.

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$498 USD

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...learning that the brand has it's own goals and desires was actually really exciting!

"We are so grateful to RoseAnn for the insight her clearing provided before the launch of our clothing brand. Understanding what the clothing wanted and needed was something we hadn't considered before, but learning that the brand has it's own goals and desires was actually really exciting!  We're moving forward with confidence; knowing that our brand has HUGE aspirations of it's own, and doing our best to help it achieve it's goals!"
Tanya and Kevin