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Spirituality & Puzzle Pieces, a Journey of Deeper Learning

"RoseAnn Janzen is a brilliant channel for transcendent and illuminating information. This book can be used as a foundation for your spiritual practice and can just as easily be seen as a scholarly work of divine material."
Rachel Archelaus
"If you let it, this book can change your life.  It challenges accepted "truths" by simply stating Truth. There is so much depth in its simplicity. Read it more than once. Read it often. Wrestle with it if you must, but allow the truth to sink in. Surrender to its truth, simplicity, and wisdom. It will speak to you differently as your awareness expands, so allow your awareness to expand."
Carrie Roldan

An International Bestseller

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Feminine Influencers:  Healers, leaders, Givers

Feminine Influencers: Healers, Leaders, Givers (Women Who Serve From The Heart Volume 1)
Features amazing women that are the front runners of the Feminine Influencers Movement.

The Full Book with Chapters from:
Ilka Chavez, Janece Hoopes, RoseAnn Janzen, Michelle Quinn, Abby Rohrer, Shelley Sanders and Zhanna Shpits are Feminine Influencers who serve from the Heart, and from that place they are leaving their footprint in History.

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365 Way to Connect With Your Soul

Many spiritual authors have contributed to this beautiful book to give the world 365 different ways to connect with your soul.  I am one of the authors along with internationally know spiritual leaders like Carol Tuttle, Arielle Ford, Christy Whitman, and many more.

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