Creative Generation of Mind

Creative generation of mind, thought, power, reflection, consideration, and reason into form.

I first read the above words in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

Much is said about beliefs and how our beliefs can and do limit us.

I think what’s under that is being stuck in a way of thinking.

We get out thinking caught at many levels…

  • The greater human,
  • The country,
  • The part of the country you’re in,
  • Our ethnic culture,
  • The subculture,
  • Groups we’re part of, like academia or...

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Where Discipline Comes From

Do you ever think that maybe we have misinterpreted and misused some things, or many things?

The tie between discipline and the 2nd Chakra.

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The Decision Gap

Does your brain make your decisions?

What's the connection between Source and Conscious Awareness?

The payoff in shrinking the gap shows up in flow states.

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