It's just weird

I’m the kind of person who could work 24/7.  I love what I do and when I decide to do something my fascination kicks in and I’m all in and don’t even want to stop to eat or sleep.

So this year has just been weird.  Period.

I’m working way less and way more is getting done.

Projects that have been put on hold for the last 9 years are getting done.

Creativity, both work and non-work related creativity, is going full speed.  But, it’s different this time.  This time there is discernment.

I no …

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Operate in Flow

How do I operate in flow?

- I listen and follow Source guidance.

- I talk to people who align with my values.

- I write and say what flows through rather than judge and censor.

- I stay true to what I really want.

- I think less and be more in the knowing.

- I learn to recognize and relax in my energy.

- I focus into the pineal gland in my head.

- I expand my conscious awareness much bigger than myself.

- I allow myself to be one with what I'm working on.

- I release the need to be the…

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Heather Article

I know amazing people.  

I do.  I really do know amazing people.

Big name people.  Small name people. In-between name people.  You.

I have been gifted with the ability to see your amazingness. 

I have clear memories of seeing that from when I was under 6 years old.

I would go out to our fence at the same time every day and talk to the "big" people on their way home from school and work.

And I saw the true vast amazingness that each one was/is.

I see that for every one of you.

Today I wan…

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Creative Generation of Mind

Creative generation of mind, thought, power, reflection, consideration, and reason into form.

I first read the above words in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

Much is said about beliefs and how our beliefs can and do limit us.

I think what’s under that is being stuck in a way of thinking.

We get out thinking caught at many levels…

  • The greater human,
  • The country,
  • The part of the country you’re in,
  • Our ethnic culture,
  • The subculture,
  • Groups we’re part of, like academia or business,
  • Sub-gro…

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An altered state of consciousness (ASC), also called altered state of mind or mind alteration, is any condition which is significantly different from a normal waking state. – Wikipedia


Different from a normal waking state means almost any state is considered altered.   And, if our normal waking state is mid to high beta brain wave then normal is a state of stress! In our current societies that state has become normal.


It is, however, very easy to flip out of beta and into alpha brain wav…

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Are you actually unique...

I'm about to say something out loud here in digital type

I think is desiring to be said, as much to me as to everyone.

Listen with your eyes and hear deeply...

You are unique.

And, there's nothing special about you.

You are not the chosen ONE, we are all the chosen one.

Everyone has access to the downloads you get and you have access to all the downloads everyone else gets, some welcome them, some don't, some ask for them, some don't, some want them, some don't.

You are unique in what and…

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Enhancing and expanding our states of conscious awareness.

There is so much spiritual and self-growth advice available now and some of it does not work, some of it works for some people and not others, and some deliver usable results in this world.

All the information can move us to explore, try things, and add new perspectives to our life.  Often a simple story will trigger a life-changing shift in us.  I love those moments when I have a sudden realization, an understanding, and it suddenly feels like I have shifted into a new reality. 

Searching f…

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Well, that’s backward, isn’t it?  Isn’t self-awareness supposed to lead us to the collective consciousness and access to all-knowing?

Yes, and yes.  The collective consciousness is a feedback loop.  Everything we think, do and learn goes into the collective.  Then, it comes back to us as feedback.  We can then become consciously aware of what has been put in and make decisions to keep and perpetuate it or alter and put new ideas, thoughts, and actions in.

When you yell at someone you are putti…

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Limiting Beliefs

We’ve all heard that our limiting beliefs are what holds us back from attaining the successes we desire, whether it be in relationships, business, career, health, or any other area of life.

Limiting beliefs are thoughts, concepts, and ideas that we have taken on as being true for us, personally.  They can be positive or negative.  For example, we might believe that we can accumulate monetary wealth by learning from those that have already done so.  Or, we might believe that monetary wealth only…

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