The Good Use of Restraint to Manifest Your Destiny


First, let’s start with some definitions.  These are my definitions.

Manifest - Creating what you desire.

Destiny - The path and result we set out to achieve in this lifetime, whether we are aware of that path and result or not, and whether we believe that to be Divinely set, co-created with Source or God, or purely self-chosen and self-directed.

Restraint - Refraining or self-restraint from doing something.  


To me, the good use of self-restraint is to avoid the...

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Potential Fun

Sept 5 2019.jpg

This life has the potential to be so much fun, full of surprise and delight but how do we get out of the daily grind to even start enjoying anything?

It is really crucial that we enjoy the bits of our life, the smiles, the chores, the work, the people. There is no point having anything if you are not going to enjoy it. If stuff is just more stuff to take care of then maybe you should consider having less stuff. That will free up a whole lot of your energy for joy.

Find the joy in your work,...

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Sovereign Self-Sufficiency

Aug 29 2019.jpg

What does it mean to be self-sufficient?

Logically it would be to take care of yourself in all ways without relying on others. Taken to the extreme would mean living completely by yourself and your own devices. That’s not possible for the first years of our life.

If we look at it from the perspective of sovereign self-sufficiency it gets more exciting. Sovereignty being your ability to be in charge of your energy space.

As Intimate Alien said, “You already created everything, now...

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