It's just weird

I’m the kind of person who could work 24/7.  I love what I do and when I decide to do something my fascination kicks in and I’m all in and don’t even want to stop to eat or sleep.

So this year has just been weird.  Period.

I’m working way less and way more is getting done.

Projects that have been put on hold for the last 9 years are getting done.

Creativity, both work and non-work related creativity, is going full speed.  But, it’s different this time.  This time there is discernment.

I no longer feel compelled to make decisions quickly.  I just casually wait until I get the knowing of what to do.  I can wait until I know what is bothering me about something instead of barrelling ahead (and then having to redo).

It seems weird.  I keep thinking I should be doing something, or rather, doing more.

And yet it’s working.  It’s working r e a l l y  w e l l .

It’s also giving me the brain space to really ‘see’ my life.  To see where I am.  To see what I have created.  To see how it’s actually quite perfect.

I was in a bit of a snit one day and a beautiful friend reminded me that anything I think is a challenge in my life is exactly what I need for my conscious evolution. (Ya, I need reminding too.)

And, so now I’m reminding you.

Take some time.  Look around.  Give yourself some brain space.  Try on a different perspective.

Take care of stuff.

Fill all the spaces with love.

And finish the year in beauty.


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p.p.p.s.  May all the world be happy and blessed.  


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