Distraught, Entrepreneurs, and Trees


I had an entrepreneur, actually more than one, come to me because their in-person business was shut down by the world pandemic scare.  

That’s pretty unsettling when your business is all but gone overnight.

And it went deeper…they couldn’t see why they would even want to go on if they couldn’t have all the worldly, facile, sensory, face to face experiences with clients, materials, and locations.  Yikes.

As I took these clients through my entire Thrive Goals Process they first released a ton of old stuff and freed up enormous amounts of energy.  Then they got in touch with their deepest core desires and realized they had been thinking to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater,’ so to speak.

Every one of them realized their core desire was at a much higher vibrational level.  Then they realized that they could pivot and adjust their business to circumstance and even embrace the new learning and experiences that would come.

Instead of being victimized, they (and even me in my changing business life) realized that there were untold benefits, richness, and evolution to be found in new adventure.

And, our businesses are evolving into something unexpectedly rewarding.

The tree grows up and down, branches and roots, visible and not visible, outward and inward, and it is all valuable.

There is beauty and reward everywhere, and especially deep within, we just need to look below the surface.

Much Love,



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