Teeny Tiny Toc

Teeny Tiny Toc knew she was a bit different.  She felt there was something important she was supposed to do in the world.  The other tocs seemed to know it too.  The big tic tocs even called her special.  It seemed like she was the toc of the town wherever she went and yet she never understood why.

Teeny Tiny Toc wanted so badly to know what it was she was supposed to do.  She wanted to know what was special about her.

Out into the world she went, teeny and uncertain.  She did various jobs, even what tic tocs called careers.  She seemed to be good at every thing she did, which did nothing to help Teeny Tiny figure out what the big thing was that she was to do.

Year after year, adventure after adventure, no matter how far she looked, no matter how hard she tried Teeny Tiny Toc could not make her arms move.  How could she be special?  How could she do anything important if she couldn’t even move her arms.

Some tiks even told her she should not even want to move her arms.  And every time, Teeny Tiny spiraled into depression.  What good was being special if it did no one any good?  What was the point of having arms if she couldn’t do anything with them?

And so Teeny Tiny Toc wandered the earth searching, learning, and helping others with what she learned.  She tried not to be sad because sad hurt so much.  She tried not to be too happy because that was always followed by an even bigger sad.  Neutral was a safe place to be.  She could do a lot from neutral.  But what to do with those arms?

Then one day Teeny Tiny Toc met Tiny Toc.  Teeny and Tiny recognized that they were much alike and they became fast friends.  They talked and they laughed, they planned and they did.  They learned and they experimented.  They taught each other and helped each other.  

They hardly even noticed the wee little tic in their tocs.  They were having so much fun planning and building and playing and helping others and each other that they didn’t even notice their tiniest arms start to move a second at a time. 

Suddenly they realized they had tick tocked a whole hour, and then a whole day.

They were no longer Teeny and Tiny.  They were Tall Tick Tocks and in the love and the joy and the play they had discovered what was important.

And so their joy rippled out and touched the arms of all the other Ticks and Tocks and helped them see they are already whole Tick Tocks ready to flow in time.



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