People Come to Me

People come to me for one reason - money.

They want/need more.

And, there’s one of two things they want me to tell them.

Either - they will make a kazillion dollars doing what they love,


That they can make a kazillion dollars doing something that comes easily to them and they think they can tolerate doing.

In the first case they are terrified that it won’t work and they are hoping for a cosmic guarantee that it will work.

In the second case they are avoiding doing the very thing that lights them up because they are terrified it won’t work and there is no cosmic guarantee.

Here’s the deal - there is no Cosmic guarantee.

However, the Cosmos is set up for you to get what you want.

The real problem is that people don’t know what they want at the cosmic clarity level.

We think we know.

It’s the house, it’s the kid’s education, it’s a vacation, etc.

True, true, true, true.

But none of them are the thing we really want.

The thing you really want has been with you from day one.  It’s the thing that made you different from everyone else.  It’s the thing you were naturally absorbed in.  

And, in a myriad of ways you were told it was not okay (even when you actually tried doing it).

So it became a hobby, a secret pursuit, something you played with in your mind, or worse, it became a dream, it got its own shelf.

So you settle for that other stuff you think you want and tell yourself you’re happy.  And, for the most part you are happy-ish and satisfied-ish.  And, there could always be more money.

Then one day you show up at my door. 

And I tell you the very curiosity you were born with is the very thing you need to do.

And you squirm, and you doubt, and you try to find a way out.

But in the end, you know that’s the very reason you called me…because you’re ready to do that very thing that makes you you, the very thing that’s at the core of you.

There’s no guarantee, it’s probably going to be hard,  you’ll probably have to learn a lot, for sure you’ll be scared, maybe terrified.  Doors will slam in your face.

But, the Cosmos will bring it to you, just as it brought you to my door, and serendipitously, new doors will appear and open.

And your reward will be the feeling inside you, the gleam in your eyes, the smile in your brain, the tug at your heart, the person thanking you for changing their life.

And, if you manage to learn the business end, you could make money too, maybe even a kazillion dollars.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is the ride of your life.

Wanna start?


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