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I know amazing people.  

I do.  I really do know amazing people.

Big name people.  Small name people. In-between name people.  You.

I have been gifted with the ability to see your amazingness. 

I have clear memories of seeing that from when I was under 6 years old.

I would go out to our fence at the same time every day and talk to the "big" people on their way home from school and work.

And I saw the true vast amazingness that each one was/is.

I see that for every one of you.

Today I want to celebrate Heather Mowers, whom I have watched take step after step into her vast amazingness to shine.

Heather read an article in the Conscious Evolution Journal and was inspired to write this article for her website:

Read it here.

It opened my eyes a little wider.



p.s.  Issue 3 of the Conscious Evolution Journal is just out and it’s all about transformation and choosing to take those steps into your vast amazingness.



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