Creative Generation of Mind

Creative generation of mind, thought, power, reflection, consideration, and reason into form.

I first read the above words in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

Much is said about beliefs and how our beliefs can and do limit us.

I think what’s under that is being stuck in a way of thinking.

We get out thinking caught at many levels…

  • The greater human,
  • The country,
  • The part of the country you’re in,
  • Our ethnic culture,
  • The subculture,
  • Groups we’re part of, like academia or business,
  • Sub-groups we are in.

Once we become aware of the ways we are thinking we can open our awareness.

The more cultures and groups mix, the more we are exposed to other ways of thinking.

Can we be open to questioning our thinking, looking at the information with open eyes to receive what it’s telling us?  i.e. Question our interpretation of the data.

This pause in 2020 has removed the sense of blind urgency and missing out, and has instead opened space to see the information, the data, and the truth about what we have been doing and supporting.

Do you really want to go back to that?  Or make changes now?

I, for one, am tired of pretense and playing stupid games.


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