Are you actually unique...

I'm about to say something out loud here in digital type

I think is desiring to be said, as much to me as to everyone.

Listen with your eyes and hear deeply...

You are unique.

And, there's nothing special about you.

You are not the chosen ONE, we are all the chosen one.

Everyone has access to the downloads you get and you have access to all the downloads everyone else gets, some welcome them, some don't, some ask for them, some don't, some want them, some don't.

You are unique in what and the way you choose to put things, information, and downloads together.  And, THAT is the value you offer to others, the world, and the Cosmos.


get over yourself and recognize that we all have equal value and different ways of expressing it.  Information is not proprietary, it's how you put it together and what you do with the information that changes the world.

It is my responsibility to bring everything I have learned and experienced in my life to the table to help my clients achieve the transformation they require to move forward. and to that end, I will bring everything to the table, giving credit to whom ever and where ever some parts of the information came or is coming from so that you may follow through with that source/Source if you choose.

And, when we meet in person or online, I expect to meet the totality of the Universe that is You and be the totality of the Universe that is Me.

That thing that you do as your work is not you, it is an expression of you.

Instead of trying to label ourselves as this or that, why not just say what it is you really want to bring to the world, and then, maybe, how you want to bring it.

It's my goal to bring Conscious Evolution to the world.  I currently do that through a magazine, products, and private consulting, all of which is designed to help you get to the very core of you and what you most deeply value and desire for yourself and to bring into the world.

I am not a coach, I am not a consultant, I am not a magazine producer, I am not a product creator.  I am Source and I am Human, with all the wonder and crap that goes with that.

I DO coaching, consulting, producing, and creating.  I am capable of learning, discovering, growing, failing, adapting, learning, growing, succeeding, learning, discovering, growing...and that's the joy of experience.

What is it you desire to bring to the world in your unique and unspecial way?




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