Enhancing and expanding our states of conscious awareness.

There is so much spiritual and self-growth advice available now and some of it does not work, some of it works for some people and not others, and some deliver usable results in this world.

All the information can move us to explore, try things, and add new perspectives to our life.  Often a simple story will trigger a life-changing shift in us.  I love those moments when I have a sudden realization, an understanding, and it suddenly feels like I have shifted into a new reality. 

Searching for and bringing you information, insights, techniques, tools, modalities, and actions that help you identify and realize your life, spiritual, and business goals, in ways that are enticing, engaging, and immediately useful is my goal.

I want you to be inspired and empowered to find new possibilities and create the change you want in your life and the world.

So, this might sound pretty lofty, but I believe that we are fully divine and fully human.  Through our humanness, we are capable of implementing our divine direction.  We all have desires for a better way of doing something, more love, more joy, more kindness, and compassion.  Some of us look at the world scale and some the local.  All of us make a difference and in sharing and community, we expand influence and change.  So, let’s make that influence and expansion more conscious.  Let’s bring to light how we make choices and how we can make better choices.

Through consciousness and conscious choices, we lead the world rather than follow blindly.

With the Conscious Evolution Journal/magazine we are creating a community around conscious awareness, enlightenment, information, and evolution.

Join us here:  https://www.revealyourlife.com/conscious-evolution-journal



p.s.  The Conscious Evolution Journal magazine was created to bring real methods, insights, and stories to help us consciously raise our levels of awareness and vibration, leave off limiting beliefs, and manifest the destiny of our choice in a way that is a win for all of us and the earth.


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