Well, that’s backward, isn’t it?  Isn’t self-awareness supposed to lead us to the collective consciousness and access to all-knowing?

Yes, and yes.  The collective consciousness is a feedback loop.  Everything we think, do and learn goes into the collective.  Then, it comes back to us as feedback.  We can then become consciously aware of what has been put in and make decisions to keep and perpetuate it or alter and put new ideas, thoughts, and actions in.

When you yell at someone you are putting thought and emotion into the collective consciousness.  That is going to be shown back to you in multiple ways.  Someone may yell at you.  You’ll see others expressing the same emotion you had. You’ll see other people yelling at those near them or at their pets. 

Did you take that as confirmation that your action was okay?  Or, did you have an awareness spark that you don’t want that in your life and so maybe you shouldn’t put it out either?

The collective consciousness is one of the main ways we learn.  Rupert Sheldrake talks about this being how each generation knows more than the last.  They are born into the collective consciousness that we, you and I, added to.  The collective consciousness not only shows us where we were, but it also shows us exactly where we are. 

The collective consciousness, expressed as what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing in the world, shows you your own state of self-awareness.



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