Limiting Beliefs

We’ve all heard that our limiting beliefs are what holds us back from attaining the successes we desire, whether it be in relationships, business, career, health, or any other area of life.

Limiting beliefs are thoughts, concepts, and ideas that we have taken on as being true for us, personally.  They can be positive or negative.  For example, we might believe that we can accumulate monetary wealth by learning from those that have already done so.  Or, we might believe that monetary wealth only comes to those who are born into wealthy families or who work extremely hard.

Limiting beliefs are decisions we have made along the way.  Decisions about our experiences, what we saw, what we heard, what we experienced physically (like a broken bone).  We consciously or unconsciously make decisions to accept or reject beliefs that come to us from our family, friends, culture, society, religion, and teachers.

Decisions abound.  We make the decision to take one definition of what a word means.  Then we might look it up in a dictionary and discover there are several meanings for that word.  Now, having that expanded awareness, we are open to choose the one we like and that supports us.

Take the word weird.  We generally take the meaning as unusual, different from the norm, or out of place.  The New Webster’s Dictionary defines weird as fate or destiny, and then goes on to other definitions of the same word.

Every time you choose one definition over another you change the meaning slightly, and sometimes dramatically.  Language is fluid, full of subtleties, malleable.  We can and do twist words to fit our perspective, our belief of the moment.  Language is infinitely creative.  And, like creative accounting, those 26 letters of the English language can say whatever you want them to say.  It is your decision.  It is your decision to choose your definition.  It is your decision to formulate your belief.  You have the freedom to do so.

And, once you choose a different definition and give it voice in the world, it has influence.  It carries with it the seeds of possibility to change lives.

We can carry beliefs for decades and even lifetimes without even being aware of them.

Upon examining the information, we might discover that there are numerous exceptions to our belief.  Then we are open to questioning the validity of our belief.  Once we are, first, aware of a belief, look for the information to disclaim it, question the belief, then we are open to discarding it and replacing it with a new belief that supports us in attaining our goals.

Sometimes there are stubborn beliefs that keep popping up even after we have discredited them, proved them untrue, and really wish they would just disappear.

What do we do? 

One tactic is to consider that belief your worthy opponent.  Outsmart it.  Sidestep it.  Prove that you can indeed accomplish what that belief says you can’t.  Celebrate that you did and keep a record of what and how you did it so that you can recreate your success. 

What if I fail you ask? 

Not to worry.  As your worthy opponent its job is to test you, strengthen you, show you were your weak spots are so you can learn what you require to know and do to succeed.   Your worthy opponent is your best teacher.  It helps raise you to success if you pay attention to what it is showing you.  If you take it as a personal affront, have a small failure, and wallow in despair, you close yourself off to the learning. 

If you are a competitive person, see it as a competitive game.

If you are a spiritual person, see it as teachers your Grande Master or the Universe has sent to help you learn and grow to new heights.

A belief is a worthy opponent.

Each belief carries the seed of a new level of understanding.

If you’d like a fun way to find your beliefs check out the Expanding Consciousness™ Game:

RoseAnn Janzen


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