A vision board is a visual story of your desires.

I use two different methods of making vision boards.

One method is more of a long-term picture of what I desire my life to be like.  In this method, I find pictures of the objects and experiences I desire in my life. There is no real timeline here.

The second method I use is much more intuitively spontaneous.  I use this method for direction and inspiration for the year.  It starts with a trip to the pharmacy or grocers or where ever there is a good selection of magazines, and intuitively picking 4 or 5 magazines.  The next step is to intuitively pick pages out of the magazines without looking at the pages.  Alternately I might pick pages by flipping through the magazines and listening to my heart.  When it sings that’s a page I keep.  The third step is to intuitively arrange the images into the months of the year.  Fourth, I look at each page and discern exactly what on that page is calling to me, cut that out and use only that part.  And finally, I arrange this all in a scrapbook by month.

 Every month I check in to see what my scrapbook/vision board has to show me.  At the end of the year, it’s fun to go through and see how my year really did unfold in relation to the vision board book.

Vision boards are fun.  They don’t have to be taken seriously.  And, they can show us where we’re limiting ourselves, where we might already have what we were desiring, and how we expand and change over the years.

A fun story from my own life.  A group of us from around the continent were making vision boards and the leader sent me a fake bill in a certain US dollar value.  I already knew I would be receiving a cheque in that dollar range sometime in the next few years.  Surprise!  The cheque arrived in a couple of months in that exact amount converted to Canadian dollars!

I believe the real value of vision boards and the making of them, is that they help you to focus your mind, to really consider what it is that you want to manifest. 

Clear intention equals a coherent brain, which lets the lower emotions fall away.  Clarity and a coherent brain lead to manifesting.  In that state, there is no struggle, it simply is and immediately begins to manifest.  You have gained clarity within yourself and so you are able to clearly put out into the Universe what it is that you desire and there is no confusion.



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