Manifesting Your Destiny


In the beginning as you were manifesting into human you were also choosing what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime.  It may have been one thing or many things.  You left yourself open as to how to accomplish them.  Maybe you would do it quietly, maybe you would do it with a big splash, maybe you would create a business around it/them.  Maybe you would do them all at once or one at a time.  You have free choice about the whole works.  And, for sure, you are doing them whether you are aware of it or not.  You built them in to your human self.  They reside in the very core of you.  They are your destiny.  How you do them is how you manifest your destiny.  

How do you discover those missions that are residing in your core?  One popular way is the use of vision boards.  When you let your intuition and your long held desires choose what goes on your vision board you are tapping into that core.  Another way is to examine what you wanted as a child, ages 0 - 20.  A third way is to ask yourself what you will regret not having done when you’re at the end of your life.  There are many more ways and all of them will help you discover what’s in that core.

Once you discover all those exciting missions and destinies what do you do with that knowledge.  Discovery by itself is wonderful and it expands and flourishes when you create goals or directives based on those discoveries.  This step helps bring you clarity on the possible ways to manifest those desires and missions.  

An interesting deviation is that it takes tremendous energy to ignore and not do your desires and missions.  They are always tugging at you, trying to come out.  When you deny your core self and try to fit into some definition of what you think you should be in our current society, culture, and constructs, you deplete your energy.  When you work on the things that light you up you are increasing your energy and vibrations.  You have only to look at the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes to know the truth of this.  What makes you sparkle?

A variation - restraint from doing that which we love is depleting.  Restraint from doing that which wastes our time and diverts us from our core desires and goals is a worthy use of restraint.  

Another variation - Examining our habits and exactly what actions we spend our time each day doing, is a very clear indication of what we are valuing.  Taking stock of our emotions when we are doing each one is a fairly clear indication of whether it’s in line with our core desires and goals.  

The natural argument is that there are activities we feel we must do, we have no choice.  And yes, there are some of those and not nearly as many as we tell ourselves.  It is truly worth taking the time to examine what we are currently believing about each one of those activities, how they could be done differently or not at all, or how we can bring our core desires into those actions so that they become a win for everyone including ourselves.  

A healthy dose of self-awareness goes a long way to helping us come back to our center and choose a life that’s in alignment with our core destiny, the one we actually chose, and have been ignoring.  Our purpose is to remember and be our true unlimited self.  Our mission(s) is to remember and take action on our core desires and manifest our destiny.  In the process we release limiting beliefs, develop self-awareness, raise our vibrations, incorporate expanded states of consciousness, and create our ideal life.

The Conscious Evolution Journal is set up to help you on your journey to create the life you want.




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