The Good Use of Restraint to Manifest Your Destiny


First, let’s start with some definitions.  These are my definitions.

Manifest - Creating what you desire.

Destiny - The path and result we set out to achieve in this lifetime, whether we are aware of that path and result or not, and whether we believe that to be Divinely set, co-created with Source or God, or purely self-chosen and self-directed.

Restraint - Refraining or self-restraint from doing something.  


To me, the good use of self-restraint is to avoid the actions, things, and people that are detrimental to or hindrances to the path and achievement we desire.  This requires us to examine our habits and automatic actions and minute by minute choices.  For example, mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds may be a time-waster for you but deliberate use of social media to further your goal is useful to you.


I am also choosing to define path and achievement as being a win-win-win.  A win for you, a win for those who participate, and a win for humanity, Earth, cosmos.  If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are a spiritual person and share my desire for a win-win-win.


In my upbringing in the Catholic church, we were advised yearly, for Lent, to give up something we loved, and that it should be a hardship and make us stronger.  For most people in my world at that time, that seemed to translate into candy and chocolate.  For me, giving up stuff I did care about anyway didn’t seem like a hardship.  I also did not see the value in giving up something that really did mean something to me because those were the things that were moving me towards my goals and the good I wanted to bring forth in the world.  And so, I did neither.  I also saw no evidence that giving up some type of frivolous thing was making anyone stronger or better.


The idea that self-restraint meant giving up or refraining from something you love and is a force of good in your life seemed to penetrate society.  Also, the idea that we need to restrain from giving ourselves things we desire so that others can have what they desire.  And too, the idea that we must restrain our very self in favor of fitting into our family, group, society, culture, religion, etc.  


I believe restrain has been misused to constrain ourselves self and that needs to be flipped over.  Self-restraint can be used to weed out that which depletes us and find ways to bring in more of what strengthens and expands us.  It can open new perspectives and give us degrees of freedom we didn’t know existed.  Restrain can much better be used to support us in seeing what matters to us and to help us move surely and steadily toward our highest desires.  


The next time you’re thinking about what you want to manifest, when you’re creating your vision board, when you're setting your goals, think about what in your life is distracting, derailing, and diverting you.  Bringing self-awareness to your habits and actions might change your future, free up time, and bring needed clarity.


One of the most important things I help people with is finding those deep, core, light-you-up-from-the-inside desires and goals.  If you’d like help with that, contact me here.





p.s.  There are certainly other good uses of restraint.  I’d love to hear how you used self-restraint to achieve your win-win desires.

p.p.s   The first issue of the Conscious Evolution Magazine is coming out in February!  And, the first issue is about restraint and ways to consciously evolve to a higher state in that area.  There are stories, learning, ideas, and inspiration.  Stay tuned for more information or contact me to be on the wait-list.


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