Potential Fun

Sept 5 2019

This life has the potential to be so much fun, full of surprise and delight but how do we get out of the daily grind to even start enjoying anything?

It is really crucial that we enjoy the bits of our life, the smiles, the chores, the work, the people. There is no point having anything if you are not going to enjoy it. If stuff is just more stuff to take care of then maybe you should consider having less stuff. That will free up a whole lot of your energy for joy.

Find the joy in your work, whatever work it is you do. You chose that work by starting it or applying for that job so why not enjoy? When you change your attitude and demeanor everyone around you will eventually change also.

Everything starts with you. You are responsible for listening to your core/heart. You are responsible for taking actions. You are responsible for being happy. Nothing can make you happy or unhappy. It is your choice to be or not be happy.

Once you realize you have that power there is no reason you can’t change other parts of your life to be the way you would like.


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